Our Philanthropy

Capital Oil Refining Industries limited (CORI) sees their corporate responsibility as a vital part of growth in Malawi since it established itself as one of the leaders of the industrial sector. Established in 1988 the company has pledged itself in various community enrichment projects as championed by our founders. We have made major strides in enriching projects such as Education bursaries, access to water, supporting religious and community institutions, and lastly supporting sports initiatives such as our netball team ‘KUKOMA Diamonds’.

Educational bursaries

These bursaries have been granted to the most vulnerable children of society. Keeping children out of the street begging and into class rooms has been our aim. We have achieved great success in this initiative and that many children are in school rather than the streets and eventually becoming responsible citizens.

Provision of cooking oil

A number of Charitable, Religious and Social Organisations have benefited from generous donations of our products in kind. Orphanages have received our cooking oil to feed malnourished children and they have benefited in their general health as our product contains Vitamin ‘A’.

Access To Water Projects

We embarked on a project that improved the access to water in Chindambwi around the Namkumbwa, Mangochi area. The villagers are the sole beneficiaries of this development whereby they found relief in accessing water.

A Borehole drilled in Chindambwi area Mangochi Namkumba

One of the beneficiaries testing the borehore

CORI Managing Director Mr. Shiraz Karim Nathanie with some of the beneficiaries

Support In Men’s Social Football

The social team of footballers comprising of journalists from the eastern region have also enjoyed support in their endeavours. Our company sees sport as a uniting factor of communities and boasts unwavering support.

Empowering Women In Sports

Our well documented support of a formidable netball team now named after our leading brand ‘Kukoma Diamonds’ has been a highly successful one. Since the inauguration of our sponsorship the team has seen success numerous times. The club also contributes a significant number players to

kukoma Diamonds

Kukoma Diamonds: Rainball Trophy 2019

Kukoma Diamonds

Supporting farmers

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