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Capital Oil Refining Industries Limited (CORI) is a wholly Malawian company and it was established in 1988. It is a brainchild of MR. M.F.A. Karim, who after thorough research and extensive study discovered the potential for edible vegetable cooking oil in Malawi. The head office is situated at Chirimba Industrial Site on the outskirts of Blantyre, Malawi. CORI was the first Company to lay its foundation in the virgin bush of Chirimba. It has another crushing and extraction plant at Makata Industrial Site within Blanytre.

Our core business is the manufacturing of vegetable cooking oil from oil seed. We are a renowned and reputable oil refining company in Malawi mainly due to our high quality vegetable oil. We have been in operation for three decades. "KUKOMA" is our popular brand. It is a widely used product in every household in Malawi and in surrounding countries. We directly support farmers in Malawi by purchasing from them different kinds of oil seeds for value addition.

The production line at Cori is explicitly based on international standards. Regular tests are made during the production process so as to produce high quality final products. All products at CORI comply with the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MSB), a governement organization that controls the hygiene aspects of foods in Malawi. CORI proudly supplies cooking oil to the majority of the market in Malawi. It's quality and affordability has made it's presence in every household.


To produce and supply high quality vegetable oils at Affordable prices at all times to all available markets While optimizing stakeholder return


To be a total and leading vegetable oil company in the region focusing on Malawi and all profitable international export markets.


M.F.A Karim

Mr. Shiraz Karim Nathanie

Mr. Ameen M.F. Nathanie

Mr. M.F.A. Karim is the founder and chairman of Capital Oil Refining Industries Limited. He has since retired. His two Sons, Mr. Shiraz karim Nathanie and Mr. Ameen M.F. Nathanie are now running the company as Managing Director and Executive Director respectively. They have vast experience of more than twenty two years in cooking oil manufacturing.

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